Making Strides

“Everywhere is walking distance if you have the time.” — Steven Wright

Just before we left for Paris, Mike bought a Fitbit, a little black plastic bracelet that magically knows how many steps he’s taken. Miles, too. How  it does know if his strides are long or short? Is it just guessing? Darned if I know, but when we’re walking all over Paris,  it’s fun to see just how much ground we’ve covered. The magic number for a good day’s worth of steps is 10,000.  Fitbit even vibrates when the wearer  hits the 10,000 mark, just to say, “Good job!”

When the Fitbit sent the first 10,000 step zinger, Mike boasted, “I’ve just hit 10,000 steps!”

“Really? YOU did? Wasn’t it we?” I asked. Since then, he’s been careful about his pronouns.

Mike, being Mike, is writing each day’s numbers in a little book, and giving fist bumps when we cross the 10,000 steps threshold.

So, how’re we doing? Yesterday we may have overdone it with 20,294 … Mike got a double beep on that one! And, 9.58 miles.  Along with this mileage, I got a blister on my toe, and Mike’s back was killing him all night. But hey, we crossed the 20,000 steps line, and got a congratulatory email from Fitbit… Cool!

Today, we did 13,313 steps and 6.28 miles, and, we just may add to that. We didn’t come here just to rack up steps, but as long as we’re out there….

The gizmo also lets Mike know how many calories he’s burned, although this seems to be a little less accurate. But, when I scarfed down that buttery croissant this morning, I was guilt-free.

We’re not just walking for walking’s sake, of course. Yesterday’s steps took us on a Paris Greeter tour of Montparnasse, then to and through the Rodin Museum in the 7th arrondissement, and back home again.  Today we checked out the market on Rue Moufftard, found the Shakespeare and Company Bookstore, walked along  the Siene to the Musee D’Orsay, viewed every gallery,  then did the reverse commute  a’ pied.

Our days are about much more than collecting step counts, of course. While our feet are plunking down one in front of the other, our eyes are in overdrive,  absorbing at least 10,000 beautiful sights a day.



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