Striking Out?

“You can handle just about anything that comes at you on the road with a believable grin, common sense, and whiskey.” — Bill Murray


The Air France pilot strike may not be the lead story on NBC Nightly News. Probably  it’s not even a lead story in Paris. But, since our departure date is coming up, it’s now on our radar.

Before we left home, we’d read about an impending strike. Then, our main concern was that we’d  get here. We did. The pilot strike began on the 15th, scheduled  to end on the 22nd. No sweat, at least for us. Then it was extended to the 26th. Now it’s on until the 30th. Ruh-roh!

A woman we met suggested that we trot on over to Air France ASAP and get in line just to see what the deal was. This afternoon, after we enjoyed a stroll through Le Marais and a nice lunch, we spent 90 minutes to get to the head of the line at AF. The rep  was sweet and reassuring, but she hadn’t heard  about the strike’s extension.  We told her the latest online report, and her shoulders slumped. Why did we have an update when she didn’t?  The steady stream of cranky stranded passengers showed on her work-weary face, poor woman.

She could get us on tomorrow morning’s flight to Chicago, since that one is  flying. There are no promises that the Chicago flight would fly on subsequent days. Yet, her guess was that they’d be a go. What should we do? We took our chances. We’re staying put, but we’ll keep checking the AF web page.

Strikes in France are as common as  corner patisseries,  and don’t follow the same protocol as U.S. strikes. There’s not a 100% shutdown and the number of pilots who are working increases daily. What can we do about it all? Go out to dinner, I guess.

Will we be home on Tuesday? I hope so, but we’re not in panic mode. We  have a few days left to savor, and besides, we can’t come home yet. We haven’t bought souvenirs for the grandkids yet. Or gone to the Louvre.


4 thoughts on “Striking Out?

  1. Remember Air France strike when il was scheduled to come home from Cameroon? No need to bring home souvenirs for the kids. All of us will be happy to see you! M and O have enjoyed getting your postcards. XO Kate

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  2. Not the end of the world to be stuck there. Some Chicago firemen were stuck in Cabo after a huge hurricane……no power, no water. They got home safely like you will. We miss you guys but have enjoyed your driveway!

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