Different Strokes for Different Folks

“Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.” — Unknown

Mike likes to go to Home Depot, and I don’t get it. He’ll happily wander the aisles, browsing through bins of nuts and bolts, fittings, and tools intended to do only one job. Once he bought a nifty basin wrench, so when he needed to crawl under the kitchen sink, he had the torque required for the job.

Home Depot holds no fascination for me. An extension cord or granite cleaner? I’ll dash in, find it, and get out. I won’t be lingering to admire power washers or garage floor brooms. Once in a while, happenstance had landed me in Home Depot with Mike. It’s excruciating.

For the last couple of days, we’ve window shopped a bit,  equal in thrill factor for Mike as a stroll through HD is for me. Of course, I have no intention of buying a five hundred dollar pair of shoes, but that’s not the point. What shoes I’ve seen! Gorgeous designs, sumptuous leather! And blouses?  Coats? Luscious colors, lush silks and wools. Isn’t my fantasizing about these beauties just like Mike’s ogling a shop vac with six attachments that he’d never use?

Mike, ever the trooper, slogged along, wearing the hair shirt of husband martyrdom. Why is she looking at shoes she’d never wear? Why is she commenting on another overpriced handbag? Why  doesn’t she just go in, buy something, and then we can get the hell out of here? His unspoken words rang in my ears loud and clear, even as he repeatedly said, “Go ahead and go in. I’ll wait here.”

For the long haul, Mike and I are great travel companions. We don’t butt heads about what we should see, or how much time we should spend somewhere, or where or what to eat. Settling on a day’s agenda is tension-free.  But a day of window shopping is where we part ways. I need someone — you know who you are— who understands that  eyeing fashions we’d never wear is a fun way to spend a day.  Mike needs a guy he can hang out with in a sports bar,  a guy who  doesn’t expect him to pretend a mild interest in pretty sweaters.

Tomorrow’s agenda? Not sure yet, but window shopping is off the table..


4 thoughts on “Different Strokes for Different Folks

  1. Now tomorrow it’s your turn to find a hardware store or maybe electronics–that may not do it though–Norm gets shoppers fatigue at the mere mention of the idea–Kudos to Mike–I’ll miss you tonight at the Kauffmans.

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