The Louvre at Last

“You should definitely see visit the Louvre, a world-famous art museum where you can view, at close range, the backs of thousands of other tourists trying to see the Mona Lisa.” —- Dave Barry, the Only Travel Guide You’ll Ever Need





We kept saving the Louvre for a rainy day, but there have been no rainy days. With our Paris adventure coming to an end,  we went late on Friday afternoon when there would be short lines and fewer crowds.

No lines at all! We purchased the Nintendo system audio guide to provide commentary and direct us around the museum, and we were off. Or so we thought. The website promises that “with the  Nintendo system interactive maps you can’t get lost.” Really?Instead of  heading right towards the cache of priceless art treasures, we stood around poking at the touch screen like a couple of dolts.

We tapped in to the Masterpieces tour, but which way do to go? We walked to the Sully wing, we walked back to the Dennon wing. The little icon on our devices stubbornly remained close-lipped,  and we were clueless.  If only our grandson Owen,  was with us to decipher it.

Does this sound like a fun way to see a museum? It’s not. Finally and inexplicably, the icon began to move and the commentary began. We found Venus de Milo and Winged Victory. Then, there she was…. Mona…. surrounded by a horde of selfie snappers.

We hit a few other biggies,  oohed and aahed over the grand halls, and our masterpiece tour was completed in about forty minutes. Now what? We decided to leave the Sully wing and head to Richelieu. Impossible.  The miserable little gadget taunted us with its blinking as we went back and forth the grand halls in search of an exit.

Using our common sense, we managed to get there, and were rewarded with a gallery of beautiful ancient sculptures. Just by luck, we happened by the apartments of Napoleon III and wandered through them.

Maybe we’re on opulence overload. But after only a couple of hours at the  world’s most magnificent art collection, we hit the wall.

“Want to leave and find a place for dinner?” Mike asked.

We were out of there. I didn’t even browse the gift shop.




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