We’ll Always Have Paris

“The biggest mistake people make is thinking they have time. Cover the earth before it covers you.” —- Unknown



At the end of any vacation, our tradition is to rehash it all. What was your favorite part?What was your biggest surprise? What was your best meal? Last night, we began the conversation by listing all that we’ve seen and done in Paris. What we haven’t seen might have been an easier list to compose. Later, in the middle of the night, awake due to a chocolate mousse-induced caffeine buzz, I thought of  biggies we’d omitted.  How on earth could we have forgotten the O Chateau Tour? The Pere Lachaise Cemetery?

Our trip is archived with a zillion photos, so when we get all of them into Shutterfly, we won’t forget places. But what I want to remember, more than grand palaces, draw-dropping cathedrals, and breath-taking views, are little moments, tiny images.

Here are some that I hope will stay burned into my brain.

  • framboise tarts at our Metro stop
  • the wedding we came upon marching  up the hill at Parc Butte-Chaumont
  • fist bumps when the Fitbit zings at 10,000 steps
  • little boys sailing wooden boats in the pond at Luxembourg Garden
  • guys playing boule in the almost-hidden Roman arena we found
  • wine-shopping on Mouffetard
  • gazpacho at Au Port du Salut
  • wine along the Port d’Arsenal
  • passers-by under our windows
  • the Holocaust memorials at the Pere Lachaise
  • the brilliant colors, the savory smells at the Bastille Market
  • the 174 steps we climbed at the Juarez Metro stop
  • men in red pants and short sport coats; skinny girls in tight jeans
  • scarves on every Parisian
  • note-taking at Cafe Louis-Phillippe
  •  sandwiches in the out-of-the-way spot near the Eiffel Tower
  • chili at Pommes d’Eve
  • filigreed wrought iron on every window
  • the Plan de Paris in Mike’s back pocket

Where do I stop? Recalling each moment is an impossible task, hard as I may try. I know that lots more will pop into my mind as soon as I hit “publish.”

That’s okay.

I love you, Michael Brosnahan. Aren’t we lucky that we’ll always have Paris?

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