The Old Familiar

“Make every day a travel day.” — Cliff Hsia

The suitcases are unpacked and put away, the laundry is done, the three bags of vacation hold mail have been whittled down to almost nothing. I snuck in a walk in downtown Naperville, and caught up with a friend over a McDonald’s Diet Coke. Last night, I grilled chicken on the grill, and Mike watched a new episode of NCIS.

Normalcy feels good. It felt good to use my own washing machine instead of those in a Paris laundromat. It felt good to make small talk with the woman at Casey’s deli, instead of struggling to form a coherent sentence in French. It felt good to hop in my car, park it on Jefferson Street, and wander through Talbots to see what’s new.

Naperville looks beautiful. The trees are changing color, and crunchy leaves line the curbs. Best of all, we squeezed in a pop-in visit to see our daughter and son-in-law and two grandkids. Their dog Buster went wild when he saw me, and both kids, even Owen, threw their arms around me in one big, fat, joyous hugfest.

Home, sweet home, indeed.  Being away, even to Paris, has me relishing the everyday  here. Yeah, the thrill of a trip to Jewel will disappear in a day or two. The obnoxious political ads on our all-American TV are already wearing thin. Today, though, home is where my heart is, even if there’s always gong to be a big chunk of it lingering on Rue de Montagne de Ste. Genevieve.

Scrolling through my iPad yesterday, I found this article that seemed to be meant for me. His suggestion: “Fall back in love with your life by getting out of your bubble” sounds like a pretty good way to live. I’m resolving to keep my eyes open and savor the little details. I won’t be seeing the Eiffel Tower when I’m walking through town, but the Naperville Library has two books on its hold shelf waiting for me. Sweet!

Take a look:



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