C’mon, Spring Breakers!

“Let the wild rumpus start!” Max from Where the Wild Things Are; Maurice Sendak

In an hour or so, the door will burst open and they’ll be here – Kate, Rob, Maggie, and Owen. There aren’t too many downsides of being a snowbird, but the biggie is being away from the kids and grandkids. It’s been three months since we’ve been together, and I’m so overdue for a chance to give and get big hugs and schnoodles.

We love it here in Sarasota, and we love that our kids love it, too. Maggie and Owen, ages eleven and ten, have visited every year of their lives, and they’ve already stored up a list of memories and favorite things to see and do and eat. Usually here at Thanksgiving, they believe that key lime pie is the traditional dessert. For this trip, Owen is already planning his order of pesto pasta at the Italian Grill, and both kids along with Kate and Rob are hoping for a waterside spot at Pop’s where they can watch the boats glide by while they munch on onion rings. The kids know which beach is best for shells, which one for sharks’ teeth, and which one has woman who’ll wind beads and braids into Maggie’s hair. They’re excited to throw their boogie boards in the car and head off for the shore. Hanging out at the pool, going on a bird watch and making a morning donut run with Papa, choosing which shells to keep in their shell jars are all on the must-do list. I’m smart enough to know that the thrill of a vacation at Grandma and Papa’s could fade in a year or two, so right now I’m soaking in every second. (And, yes, I wish the other half of the grandkids and their parents were coming, too.)

Since it’s Spring break, the days will be longer than in November, so we scheduled a sunset party for Sunday night. For a dinner at home, I’ve got hamburgers and brats ready for the grill—easy to use when it doesn’t get dark until nearly eight o’clock. Of course, key lime pie will be the featured dessert.

I’ve made the lemonade, chilling in the fridge along with the beer and wine for the grown-ups, and the cookies are freshly baked. We’ve got chips and dip, shrimp, pineapple, and strawberries. Mike is stationed at the airport, waiting for them to come trooping out, suitcases full of new flip-flops and shorts.

Time to make memories, the 2015 version!

2 thoughts on “C’mon, Spring Breakers!

  1. Enjoy every second of it! I always wanted a grandparent to live in Florida so I could go there for spring break. My Nieces still went as 30 year old single teachers to their mom & dad’s place. Hopefully, spring break will never get old for your kids too.

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