I resolve…


I don’t do much resolving. Yeah, we flipped the page on a new calendar, but somehow this has never inspired me to make resolutions, mainly because I end up not keeping resolutions. Should I make some changes in my life?  Absolutely! But layering on self-inflicted guilt? No, thank you.

Celebs and fitness freaks are filling the Christmas-shopping commercials void on TV by peddling their weight loss systems. This year, Oprah, now a spokesperson for Weight Watchers, is once again inspiring herself and others to drop pounds. Her mantra is to make 2016 the year of her best body ever. Best body EVER? Really? Even if I were to drop buckets of weight, time has taken its toll.  I’m pretty sure that the days of my “best body ever” have faded away. Oprah, I wish you well.

Less time on my IPad would be a good idea. I don’t really need to have twenty games of Scrabble going on, do I. But, look at me right now, on my IPad writing something. That’s productive, isn’t it? I’m all signed up for the writing prompt of the day, so I’ll see how that goes.

Instead of resolutions, I have a to-do list.

Read a lot of good books.


Take walks.

Call my mother.

Fritter less.

Be nice.

Happy new year, every one!








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